Chemical Peel


About Chemical Peel

At DermaGlow if you want to rejuvenate your face, fade the harsh lines, decrease the visibility of blemishes and give yourself a vibrant, youthful look, we recommend getting a chemical peel. 

In essence a chemical peel works to exfoliate or hydrate the skin depending on the type of peel applied. Through the use of acids and enzymes, peels such as lactic and glycolic exfoliate the dead skin on the clients face and stimulate a process of total skin renewal.

The benefits of the chemical peel treatment:

  • Improvement in skin texture (softer, smoother skin)
  • Young looking skin (vibrant, youthful look)
  • Fades away fine lines (Almost immediate response)
  • Decrease of blemishes and dark spots (less visible)
  • Improvement of uneven pigmentation

Process of the treatment:

After a consultation a chemical peel suited to your skin needs will be chosen by our staff. The correct chemical peel will be used on the clients skin as the exfoliation element in a simple facial. Under the supervision of either a Dermal Therapist, registered nurse or Doctor, clients should feel more than satisfied that they are under the right care especially when using deep and strong facials. 


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