About Dermapen

The Dermapen is a micro-needling device used to treat problematic skin. At DermaGlow we have the luxury of being able to reach new depths to micro-needling with the Dermapen 4. Doctor Maisoon, as a qualified practitioner is able to use the Dermapen 4 penetrating the skin up to  3 mm if need be! Consequently at DermaGlow we offer a deeper and more effective treatment on a clinical level for better results.

The Dermapen works to reduce

  • Acne scars
  • Surgical Scars
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • hyperpigmentation

The benefits of Dermapen therapy

  • Minimised pores
  • Rejuvenated skin
  • Tightened face
  • Lifted, Youthful look
  • Stimulated collagen in your skin

Depending on the skin issue, the depth of penetration on our clients skin will differ.  In addition, to improve facial contours we strive to customize the depth of the needle to targeted areas of the face.

To reach the best outcome, it is recommended that the client returns for more treatment sessions as well as annual top-ups. Depending on how severe the scars are, Dermapen therapy requires 3-6 visits, each at least a month apart.

Please watch the following video about Dermapen Micro Needling Treatment, this is a treatment of Acne Scars Animation.

In essence the video explains that the Dermapen penetrates the skin and damages cells to stimulate higher levels of TGF Beta-3 (Transforming Growth Factor Beta-3). This cytokine plays an important role in scar and wound healing. Fibroblasts are then attracted and stimulate new collagen production, resulting in the client having tighter and more youthful appearing skin, whilst naturally improving problematic skin.

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