Radio Frequency Therapy: Body Contouring and Skin Tightening


About Radio Frequency Therapy: Body Contouring and Skin Tightening

At DermaGlow, we provide our clients with a way of sculpting their body. Through Radio frequency, we can help you burn fat and tighten loose skin. 

DermaGlow uses the “Matisse” machine introduced by Viora to provide a safe and effective treatment with no side effects. The machine is used in a pulse like motion as Dr Maisoon will press the applicator firmly on the targeted area and apply a thermal pulse, at the same time there will be a vacuum in effect to promote better results. Although it sounds scary the treatment has been described as “relaxing” and “almost like a massage” as radio frequency heats up the targeted area. We strive to maintain this heat at a comfortable warmth to make the treatment more comfortable for you. Gels such as ultrasound gel and glycerine are also added to avoid any skin burn and to conduct the heat properly from the device to the skin. 

Cellulite reduction and Body & Facial contouring

Radio frequency offers a non-invasive method to effectively combat our adipose tissue (our fat) by heating up our fat cells. Through thermal stimulation, we induce cell death. Therefore, when we specifically target fat cells we are attempting to cause thermal injury which will cause the cell to die, reducing fat in the targeted area.

Note that this machine is medically tested and is specific to targeting fat cells and will not kill any other body cells. It is a safe treatment.

Fat reduction in the abdomen is evident after 6 treatment sessions in the figure below:

Radio frequency is one of the best and most effective treatments for cellulite reduction in the industry today, at DermaGlow we can help you tighten the skin and reduce the accumulating fat deposits that cause cellulite through this thermal stimulation.

Fat reduction treatments are also used in the following areas:

Skin tightening 

Radio frequency thermal stimulation results in a microinflammatory process that promotes new collagen production. In a similar way to Dermapen, we initiate the attraction of fibroblasts in order to stimulate new collagen production, resulting in the client having tighter and more youthful appearing skin. This skin tightening treatment is effective as it attempts to combat the medical root resulting in tight skin instead of attempting to artificially combat skin tightening we strive for long lasting and real results with radio frequency. 


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